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We know..the Everest of wishful thinking, right?

We’re an optimistic bunch here at GiveMatters, it’s in our DNA, and kind of why we’re looking to develop this applications. If you’d like to contribute to developing this application with your cryptocurrency of choice, that would be great…and anything left over will of course be funneled back into the 360° incentive.

Who are we?

We are the Community building the GiveMatters Donation Application.  Our system will make it possible for charities/not-for-profits/NGOs and individual donators to contribute to shared goals  and worthy projects with full transparency and accountability.

Why donate to GiveMatters?

Should you choose to assist us with development costs, it will allow us to produce our application in shorter time frames, and begin building this community committed to making the world a better place and empower those in need to become self sufficient and grow their own wealth and sustainability. If there are development donations remaining upon go live, we’ll distribute that amount equally between every organisation registered within GiveMatters

How to Donate to Development?


Donate BitCoin (BTC) to 15xEmeVAiaZPois2XiiQxFAoCKf1DCn6nH

Donate Ethereum (ETH) to 0xcd79a9ee3731f4c7268c6b350c7e35308fe21516

Donate LiteCoin (LTC) to LdaVYTmUUGJKiMP57dDWAfJCGwW8CU8AJ6

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