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Executive/Project Description

The traditional charitable system attempts to provide short-term, one-size-fits-all solutions, which fails to address the root causes of the problems they are trying to solve. We consider it an archaic and constraint-laden approach to raising awareness and funds to charitable projects.

Technological advances born from the advancement and adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies have allowed us to rethink these processes and posit the question, ‘What if instead of a relying on others to publise causes, and collect and distribute our donations, we did it ourselves?’

ReCognite aims to create a community, connecting worthwhile charitable organisations and philanthropic individuals. Organisations can publicise their message and seek funding for their projects, whilst users have a one-stop-shop to access a myriad of causes to donate to.

Currently, donations are heavily constraint by geographical and jurisdictional barriers, as well as the necessity for payment gateways & banks enforcing exorbitant charges for transactions, which deducts much needed income from their intended recipients. There is also a concerning lack of visibility into how and where donations are spent, as well as the legitimacy of the organisations.

GiveMatters aims to change that. The onset of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies provide an opportunity to remove afore mentioned barriers, not be subject to unreasonable transaction costs and truly understand how you are helping, whilst providing a portal to choose and see exactly where your philanthropic efforts have been directed.


We aim to develop an application providing Charities, NGOs and NFPs a ‘Community Portal’ to announce and publicise their organisation and projects, in order to encourage donations utilising the XEM cryptocurrency (NEM).

Utilising NEM wallets within the application, users can either donate a XEM to organisations directly, or specific projects/milestones of their choice, direct from news feeds/forums, publication portals, or by searching for a charity known to them.

Blockchain technology will allow full transparency of where user donations are utilised and the milestones they helped fulfil, with all parties being incentivised for their contributions, based on the business model proposed below.

We achieve this transparency by holding donations that are directed specifically to a milestone in escrow, until the organisation specifies the milestone has started, and request those XEM funds. This triggers release of the XEM and a series of notifications to donors on the usage of their donation. All donations given directly to an organisation are not placed in escrow, and immediately sent directly to the organisations wallet.

The tenants of our application should remain:

  • Donating can be easy, fun and make a difference.
  • Transparency and accountability should always be expected.
  • All initiatives have the potential to have a positive impact. They should be shared and have the opportunity to be funded in a simple, accessible and informative manner
  • Every donor should have a say in how their donation is used.
  • All organisations that contribute to the GiveMatters community, do good work for their cause, and should be rewarded.
  • Donors are extremely valued and should have the option to accept or share rewards from GiveMatters for their kindness and contributions.
  • The technology we are built on, and its success, are fundamental to the utility of GiveMatters, and as such deserves to be reinforced

International Marketing Plan

GiveMatters expects to appoint a Marketing Manager in month 4 of the Project Plan, whose directive is to elaborate and implement the International Marketing Plan.

Preliminary Marketing Plans are as follows:

Partners, Existing relationships Early Adopters

Below are the relationships and adopters we’ve secured.

Links to the organisations provided below.

  • Cancer Council – Australian-based charity interested in membership
  • The Epilepsy Foundation – Australian charity interested in membership
  • Stockdale & Leggo Foundation – Real Estate organisation, with charitable arm, looking to adopt GiveMatters
  • Givewithnothing – Blockchain application focused on donating CPU/GPU for organisations to mine/harvest. Interested in a partnership to mutually extend functionality
  • BigLuv – Invest/donate in individuals to assist homelessness issue & gain shared rewards/ROI for investment. Interested in a partnership to mutually extend functionality
  • Mycoinvest – Interested in working with GiveMatters on api/integration which will enable their users to allocate a donation amount or percentage of their investment portfolio to Charitable organisations within GiveMatters
  • Rocketshoes – Interested in working with GiveMatters to singn up NEM based businesses to GiveMatters, and applying 1:1:1 pledge model to Charitable organisations within GiveMatters
  • Gaming Company (Private until public release) – – Interested in working with GiveMatters on api/integration to their gaming platform on the lightning network, enable their users to allocate a donation percentage of winnings, to Charitable organisations within GiveMatters

Although engagements with these groups are in their infancy, further discussions with organisations like the one’s we’ve liaised with above are a key component to our Marketing & Business Development strategy.

Video 1: GiveMatters NEM Proposal Overview

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/Wnk5FW__H7Q

Issues (Process & Technology)

There are several factors which deter donors from giving, as well as make it increasingly difficult to send donations, especially Internationally, via the current process.

Organisations are having to be increasingly creative and convincing, across a number of mediums to attract donations.

Target Market

Actors within the GiveMatters community include both those who donate (Donors) & those wishing to present their causes and projects in order to receive donations (Organisations).

  • Organisations (Recipients of donations)
    • Registered Charities
    • Not for Profits
    • Fundraisers
    • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Day-to-day/sporadic Donors
  • Fund Managers
  • Major Philanthropic Donors

Video 2: GiveMatters Overview

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/5NwW-AmScSU


GiveMatters utilises a pragmatic Multi-layered approach within its development and design.

Without this consideration, UX issues would reside around cost, scalability and latency, which would need to be addressed. Therefore, you only use the blockchain in instances you need it and it’s function shines. The necessary elements are instances where every single person needs to be aware of that transactional change (Global state), that is to say, one action could be invalidated by another action.

GiveMatters utilises the power of the blockchain for the donation transactions and correlations of those debits to either Organisation, Projects (holistic) or milestones.

GiveMatters is a project being developed in C# .NET using MVC 5 and Windows Communication Foundation, full stacked with an underlying SQL database. This solution utilises best practice security to ensure the following:

  • The safety of the donors investing in organisations, including their wallet information. WCF allows us to ensure the website and service are far removed from each other, and secure methods are used to communicate between the two without exposing private keys.
  • The safety of organisations in utilising the system. Our infrastructure and technology are chosen to keep this information as safe as possible.

We also see the need to keep the system open source so that other members of the community can add to the platform. The architecture of the solution is meant to allow for easy implementation of new controllers, functions and externalities to make the development process as efficient as possible.


We aim to simplify methods of entry to the application, for both organisations and users, where possible. We do however, have to add controls within the Organisation application, to ensure only legitimate entities can sign up.

In regard to transactions, donations associated to Project milestones require the organisations verifying that milestone is beginning, and donated funds are required for that piece of work. It is for this reason, we hold donations attributed to milestones in escrow until that verification takes place. Any donations attributed directly to the Organisation, are not held in escrow, and deposited immediately, as outlined below:

The Business Model

Monetisation required for operational costs/overheads will be derived from a XEM levy applied to each donation (1% of transaction total).

So to provide a comparative, current costs of regularly used payment gateways in the charitable sector are below ($AUD):

Solution Pricing per month Transaction charge
SmartDebit (Sage) $55.28/month 37c
WorldPay 0 2.75% of transaction + 37c
Stripe 0 1.4% of transaction + 37c
Paypal 0 1.4% of transaction 37c
GiveMatters Levy 0 1%*

*All profits generated from this levy will be shared via our 360 ° Incentive Principle

Importantly, minimising this transactional cost is essential to the applications value proposition. This is far more favourable that charging for membership or publication within the application, elements where a barrier would be antithetical to our welcoming community-centric approach.

There are a number of charitable blockchain applications, built on differing protocols, who aim to enable cryptocurrency giving, and provide visibility into project expenditure. Our key difference resides within our forums and publications function, and our 360° incentive principle.

The 360 ° Incentive Principle

In order to emulate the model of a lot of the organisations we’re looking to assist, all profits generated via the GiveMatters transaction levy, will be distributed to actors contributing to the application, the community and the technology.

  1. 50% Organisations – Evenly distributed to the wallets of all organisations within the application on an annual basis. This incentivises charities, NFPs, NGOs to register within the application and contribute to this altruistic community at very little risk or cost to them.
  2. 25% Donators Prize Fund – We plan to randomly award donors within the application, across several prize draws with XEM values/XEM purchased products. Although altruism isn’t necessarily about getting something back, we feel it incentivises the circle of giving and allows us to thank generosity.
  3. 25% invested in worthwhile NEW development projects – This reinforces our commitment to the protocol, and incentivises the growth of the platform, the NEM community and the XEM cryptocurrency, whilst presenting a valuable ROI for the organisation, and a viable revenue stream for the advancement of our product.

Video 3: GiveMatters – Functions & The 360° Incentive Principle

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/e1FoPswVxxA

What we require

GiveMatters is asking for 4,480,000 XEMs ($761,490 USD) (based on XEM value 23/07/2018: 0.170579) to recover development, delivery, marketing and business development costs, initially worn by ReCognite/GiveMatters.

This contribution covers resource and associated effort relating to analysis, design, development and marketing of GiveMatters throughout the development phase one, and subsequent marketing and user sign up phases.

Based on our business model, we’re hoping to be self-sufficient and begin contributing to the NEM ecosystem by year two, following a successful marketing and user sign up phase.

As ReCognite are an operating IT Project Delivery organisation, we have already embarked on the analysis, POC development defined within Milestone 1, utilising our Software Developers, Project Managers and Business Analysts. Office space and current hardware will also be provided by ReCognite to the GiveMatters Project Delivery Team.

  • Project Delivery Associated costs
    • 1 x Business Analyst
    • 1 x Blockchain/C# Developer/ Systems Architecture
    • 1 x Front End MVC/Bootstrap/Java/JQuery Developer
    • 1 x Test Analyst
    • 1 x Project Manager
    • Associated Software, Servers, Any additional hardware
    • Security & Penetration testing finalising P1
    • Board Costs (occasional)
    • Infrastructure Management
    • 1 – 2 Application Support personnel
  • Marketing costs
    • SEO costs (Monthly)
    • Marketing Manager
    • Cost of Marketing/Sale
    • Business Development Manager

Access to GiveMatters Project plans here

Access to GiveMatters Project site here

Development Timeline – Project Plan

Milestone 1                                                                                                March 19th 2018 – May 13th 2019 (Delayed due to NEM funding Decision)

(895k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Assign Developers, Analyst and Project Manager ✓
  • Website & Social Media launch ✓
  • Marketing videos ✓
  • Requirements & Dev handover ✓
  • XEM Payments POC ✓
  • Database Structures ✓
  • (User A) Org Sign Up form/function
  • (User A) Login facility
  • (User B) Donor Sign up function
  • (User C) Admin Panel (Org sign up approve reject mechanism)
  • (User C) Org sign up request notification
  • (User B) Login facility
  • (User C) Login facility
  • XEM Payment mechanism

Milestone 2                                                                                                May 14th 2019 – June 17th 2019                                                                          

(895k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • News Forum Creation
  • News forum item creation (User A) to include image, text and project links
  • User A tagging news item tagging facility
  • User B forum access with donation & link function
  • User B Search function
  • User B Newsfeed filter function (tag based)

Milestone 3                                                                                              June 18th 2019 – June 26th 2019

(895k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • User A Project creation function
  • Escrow hold and release mechanism
  • User A Project Admin panel (Edit, Milestone complete, Donation request function, XEM donation totals)
  • User B access to Organisation Project list (with links)
  • User B Org Project Plan Access (with donate milestone function)
  • User B donation notification and attached receipt
  • User B Project/Donation notifications (Milestone starts, milestone completes, Project completes)
  • Escrow transaction notification to user A
  • Enhance User B search inputs to include Projects
  • Appoint Marketing Manager

Milestone 4 (Test Beta Complete)                                                          Aug 5th 2019 – Aug 30th 2019

(895k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Test Case Run 1
  • Dev Remediation
  • Test Case Run 2
  • Dev Remediation
  • Final Test Review

Milestone 5 (Launch Activities Complete)                                            Sept 4th 2019 

(900k XEMs) to be disbursed upon completion of the following:

  • Appoint additional support resource
  • Launch Activity 1
  • Monitor and Support

GiveMatters Cost Projection

The Team

The GiveMatters Core Team is an eclectic mix of people from the Software Development, IT Project Delivery and Not-For-Profit sectors. We are dedicated to building a free application creating and servicing a global community interested in worthwhile causes. Providing our users the ability to quickly and easily donate, free from exorbitant bank fees and geographical and jurisdictional constraints, whilst providing maximum visibility into where their assistance is going, is an integral part of what we’re all trying to achieve.

In the spirit of community, we encourage everyone to join our telegram community so they can contribute to the GiveMatters idea and become part of the discussion and developmental direction.

We are altruistic, committed to profit sharing initiatives and actively assisting similar initiatives, which we see as potential collaborators as opposed to competitors. This approach is reinforced via our 360 ° Incentive Principle.

Paul Carrigher (Founder & CEO)

Paul has a background in Psychology, which has provided him with a strong commercial and analytical professional skillset. He has created successful business-focused solutions with an array on International clients across the past 15 years. He is hugely enthusiastic about the technological and operational opportunities blockchain provides a variety of industries and has been a cryptocurrency advocate since 2012. His passion to build software to support community growth and philanthropic ventures, centred around non-profit causes has led to the inception of GiveMatters.

Paul is Co-founder and CEO at ReCognite (http://www.recognite.com.au/)  an IT Delivery company based in Melbourne. Paul’s Professional Profile available upon request

Paul Burns (Founder & COO)

A passionate and highly capable IT Professional with 15 years’ experience implementing, managing and supporting IT solutions across a variety of industries including the not for profit sector

Paul’s extensive experience, including a two-year stint in Norway, has enabled the development of a high level of adaptability and an ability to communicate with a variety of different personality types and their associated agendas. New technology is a real passion having worked at the forefront of enterprise search in the early 2000’s and he is genuinely excited about blockchain technology and the potential for revolutionising the not for profit sector as well as breaking down traditional fiscal barriers to philanthropic partnerships between major givers and reputable charities.

Paul is Co-founder and COO at ReCognite (http://www.recognite.com.au/), an IT Delivery company based in Melbourne. Paul’s Professional Profile available upon request.

Brett Shuttleworth (Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Advisor & Board Member)

Brett is passionate about community and entrepreneurship and has owned successful businesses since 2002. In his current business, Technodrome Blockchain and Business Solutions (https://www.technodrome.com.au/) he work towards the team’s overall goal of ‘Connected Communities through Shared Value’. The symbiosis of his passion for technology, business acumen and skillset across Digital presence and brand identity positions him as a not only crypto-educator, but also marketing expert for GiveMatters.

Brett is one half of the ‘WTF is CryptoSpace’ podcasting duo (https://wtfcryptospace.com/)  two brothers talking about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, news, reviews and comedy. Brett is the strategy-guy, he loves working with projects to assist them to take their vision to the next level, helping them to create connections with their Tribe.

He is invaluable to board discussion, particularity concerning the evolution of the product and how it is received and interpreted by the market.

Roderich Hartono (Front End Developer & Project Coordinator)

Roderich holds a Masters in IT, and his diverse skills on both technical and management side have allowed him to understand project objectives and effectively communicate and coordinate to technical and non-technical stakeholders, which resulted satisfied customers and successful projects. Roderich has a desire to use technology to influence the community has always been a main driver for Roderich. He believes that blockchain technology has opened up an opportunity to build an open and transparent donation platform to help the less fortunate.

Rod’s Professional Profile available upon request

Alex Breskin (Full Stack Developer)

Energised in developing software that will change the world, Alex has been developing IT projects since 2013. With scale-ability always on his mind, he has worked on projects with grand plans drafted to ensure good ideas have long term systems behind them to help build them up for the future. He has developed dozens of projects with quality in mind.

Always interested in new technology and how it can help people in general, Alex sees the blockchain as an innovative solution to an age-old question – just how reliant should we be on a central source for information? The possibilities that blockchain bring are exciting, and he sees kindling that flame as an important way to move the IT space forward.

Alex’s Professional Profile available upon request

Chirag Chaplot (Mobile & UI/UX Developer)

Chirag is our residential blockchain techie! He is an energetic and passionate application developer with almost 4 years of professional experience in mobile application development for both iOS and Android applications. He previously worked at large government organisation in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is now working as a full stack developer at Recognite.

Chirag is very passionate about blockchain technology and integrating it with mobile application development using SWIFT4. He has experience in implementing blockchain core engine, smart contracts and decentralising blockchain. Chirag aims to integrate FinTech & Blockchain. He believes that blockchain’s ability to record both dynamic data transactions and static data registry aided by distributed & consensus-driven mechanism by all users is the open and transparent method of where the future of financial industry lies.

Chirag’s Professional Profile available upon request

Shanya Vairawanathan (Mobile & UI/UX Developer)

Innovators move the world forward and in this digital era, information technology helps create the next level of innovators. This is the philosophy Shanya firmly believes in and enjoys being part of.

Majoring in software development, Shanya’s passion for IT continues to grow indefinitely.  As a result of Shanya’s experience with clients in previous roles, her communication skills and programming knowledge have been built to highly satisfactory standards. Shanya’s knowledge of multiple programming languages gives her the ability to work comfortably in an agile environment and learn quicker.

Shanya is proud to be a part of a team that uses blockchain technology, to expand ways of giving and supporting the community to make a difference.

Shanya’s Professional Profile available upon request

Jayant Mishra (Web Developer)

He is a dynamic and uber fast developer with a jest for learning new programming skills. He graduated from University of Central Lancashire and currently is pursuing his Masters in Information Technology from La Trobe University. Jayant is a PHP and Java developer with a penchant to expand into the web development world.

In his free time, he prefers to follow football and play the guitar. He believes that the blockchain is an ethical computerised record of monetary exchanges that can be modified to record not simply money related exchanges but rather for all intents and purposes everything of esteem. His future goal is to utilise blockchain in engaging fans of sports and music via avenues of forums, Ticket sales, live streaming and sharing images

Jayant’s Professional Profile available upon request

Debra Parker (NFP/Charity Advisor & Board Member)

Debra Parker holds a Masters in Professional Education & Training and brings 18 years’ education leadership experience across community, disability and workplace learning environments and 20+ years as a Bank Manager and Financial Adviser to her current role as Knowledge Manager for the Epilepsy Foundation (http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org.au). Debra has a strong passion for inclusive and flexible learning environments which recognises the individual in the learning journey.

The Epilepsy Foundation provides support for people living with epilepsy and their families to help them live better lives as defined by them.

As Knowledge Manager Debra works strategically to support effective systems and transfer of knowledge; systems which enable the Epilepsy Foundation to work effectively, accessing technology to support organisational outcomes, and knowledge which enables the Epilepsy Foundation to deliver on its mission to raise awareness of epilepsy in the broader community, to reduce stigma, and to create a more welcoming and inclusive society.

Louise Polednik (Organisational Change Advisor & Board Member)

As Chartered Organisational Psychologist (MSc.), Louise has over 25 years’ experience in assisting internal and external clients in delivering and developing strategy for transformational change in line with organisational goals, a facet essential when considering technological change. Prior to joining Melbourne City Mission, she developed her reputation within Monash Health, as well as in the commercial world as an international consultant working with some well-known names such as Ernst & Young, ANZ, NAB, HBOS, IFM, Shell, BHP, NHS, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Louise brings a blend of practical experience and expertise in coaching and change management to the GiveMatters board.




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